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9 Easy Foods to Ship: A Simple Guide for Hassle-Free Shipping

When it comes to sending gourmet gift baskets to your customers or starting a small food business, choosing the right foods to ship can make all the difference. In this guide, we'll explore a variety of easy-to-ship food items that will ensure your packages arrive in excellent condition. Whether you're a novice or an experienced shipper, these food options will help you simplify the shipping process.

What Foods Are Easy to Ship?

Certain foods are known for their travel endurance, making them top choices when considering what to ship. Here's a list of some great options:

1) Hot Chicken and Chopped Beef


medium rare sliced beef on platter with garnish
Credit: Envato Elements/ ndanko

When we think about a legendary BBQ joint, hot chicken, Texas BBQ, and chopped beef come to mind. But can these be shipped? Absolutely! You can cook these meats thoroughly, cool them, and then pack them in airtight, insulated containers. Use cold packs to keep them fresh. Don't forget to include your signature sauce on the side. This way, your customers can experience the unique taste of your BBQ from the comfort of their homes.

2) Pit Beef and Corned Beef


corned beef on toast
Credit: Envato Elements/ Maliflower73

Pit beef and corned beef are other great options for shipping. Since these meats are often smoked or cured, they have a longer shelf life. This makes them ideal for long-distance shipping. Make sure to slice the beef before shipping to make it easy for your customers to enjoy.

3) Sweet Treats


cheese cake in heart design
Credit: Envato Elements/ alexandra_har

Desserts are also excellent for shipping. Banana pudding and dark chocolate, for example, can handle the trip well. Other great options include New York cheesecake, French macarons, and Italian biscotti. Pack these treats in a gift box to give your customers a surprise. Make sure to wrap them well to prevent damage during transit.

4) Deep Dish and Lobster Roll


lobster roll with french fries
Credit: Envato Elements/ fahrwasser

Deep-dish pizza and lobster rolls are iconic foods that many customers crave. But how can you ship these? The key is to send these as a meal kit. Prepare and pack all the ingredients separately. Include clear instructions on how to assemble and heat these meals. Your customers will love the chance to prepare their favorite dishes.

5) Maple Syrup and Smoked Salmon


salmon with garnish
Credit: Envato Elements/ composter-box

If you're looking for foods that are both unique and easy to ship, consider maple syrup and smoked salmon. These items are durable, and their flavors can withstand the shipping process. Pack them in airtight containers to preserve their quality.

6) Cheese and Crackers


crackers with blocks of cheese
Credit: Envato Elements/ Maliflower73

Cheese and crackers are a classic pair that's also ship-friendly. Many varieties of cheese, especially hard ones, can be shipped safely. Add a pack of crisp, high-quality crackers, and you've got a simple and delicious snack for your customers.

7) Granola and Dried Fruits


different dried fruits in sack
Credit: Envato Elements/ Artem_ka2

Granola and dried fruits can easily be shipped without worrying about spoilage. Pack them in sealed bags to ensure freshness upon arrival. Offering different granola mixes and a variety of dried fruits could provide your customers with a healthy, easy-to-enjoy snack.

8) Tea and Coffee


tea and coffee with spices
Credit: Envato Elements/ AtlasComposer

Another excellent choice for shipping is tea and coffee. Their dry nature makes them ideal for long-distance shipping, and they offer customers a cozy, at-home café experience. Consider offering a range of flavors to suit every customer's preference.

9) More Exotic Choices


beef jerky stacked
Credit: Envato Elements/ jirkaejc

Consider more exotic choices like gourmet popcorn, dried meat jerky, artisanal biscuits, flavored nuts, and gourmet pickles. These items have a longer shelf life and can survive the shipping journey without losing their quality.

Tips for Packing Food

Packing food for shipping requires some thought to ensure that the items arrive in the best condition. Here are some tips to consider:

1) Use Insulated Packaging


Nice Packs insulated boxes
Credit: Nice Packs

For perishable items, use insulated packaging to maintain the right temperature. Include cold packs for items that need to remain cool.

2) Seal and Secure


mean vacuum sealed in bag
Credit: Envato Elements/ ECoelfen

Ensure your foods are sealed well to prevent leaks and keep them fresh. Vacuum sealing can be an excellent option for many food items. For loose items, use sturdy, resealable bags or containers.

3) Provide Instructions


man and woman reading instructions
Credit: Envato Elements/ bluejeanimages

If you're sending meal kits or gourmet gift baskets that need assembly or specific storage conditions, include clear, easy-to-follow instructions. A little guidance can go a long way in ensuring your customers enjoy the food as you intended.

4) Use Protective Wrapping


bubble wrap
Credit: Envato Elements/ slavereva

Use bubble wrap, foam peanuts, or packing paper to prevent movement and possible damage to your food items during transit. For fragile items like glass jars of pickles or maple syrup, consider double boxing or using extra padding.

5) Label Correctly


woman scanning label on box
Credit: Envato Elements/ amenic181

Properly label your packages to provide direction to the handlers. Labels such as "fragile," "this side up," or "perishable" can be helpful. Additionally, ensure the packaging has the best before date and any necessary storage instructions.

6) Communicate with Customers


woman on phone with customer
Credit: Envato Elements/ nateemee

Keep your customers informed about the shipping process. Let them know when to expect their package and provide tracking information when possible. This can help them prepare to receive and properly store the food.



Shipping food can be a great way to bring your business into the homes of many more customers. With careful packaging and a selection of durable items, your customers will receive and enjoy their food in the best condition, whether they are located in the San Francisco Bay Area, New Orleans, or even far-flung destinations worldwide.

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