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How to Package Brownies for Shipping

How to Package Brownies for Shipping

If you have a bakery business and have already started shipping brownies and other baked goods, you might have received complaints from customers who were disappointed with how their orders arrived. In this blog, we'll show you how to package brownies so they arrive perfectly intact.

Why Do You Need to Package Your Brownies Properly?


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Without proper packaging, your baked goods can easily get smashed, crumbled, or stale before they even get to your customers. This not only affects their experience but can also harm your bakery's reputation. Strong packaging also keeps air and moisture out, which helps your brownies stay fresh and prevents spoilage. When customers get brownies that are in great shape, they're more likely to order from you again. Also, good packaging will also create a visually appealing brand and make you look more trusting.

How to Package Baked Goods and Brownies Properly


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Here are 5 easy steps to package brownies for shipping:

Step 1: Cut the Brownies into Smaller Pieces

Start by cutting your brownies into smaller pieces. This makes them easier to pack and reduces the risk of them breaking during transport. Use a sharp knife to make clean cuts, and make sure each piece is roughly the same size. Try to aim for squares that are about 2 inches on each side. This size is great because it's easy to handle and packs well without breaking easily. After cutting, let the brownie squares cool completely so they firm up and hold their shape better.

Step 2: Wrap Each Piece Individually

After cutting and cooling your brownies, wrap each piece separately. This helps to keep the brownies fresh and prevents them from sticking to each other. You can use plastic wrap, aluminum foil, cellophane bags, or small sandwich bags for this step. Make sure the wrap clings tightly around each brownie to seal out air and moisture. This trick is also used to package cookies.

Step 3: Place the Brownies in Plastic Boxes

Place the individually wrapped brownies in plastic boxes. Choose boxes that are sturdy so they don't move around during transit. If there's extra space, add padding like crumpled parchment paper or bubble wrap. Make sure the lid of the box closes securely to keep the brownies safe and protected.

Step 4: Place the Plastic Boxes into Shipping Boxes

Now it's time to place the plastic boxes into larger shipping boxes. Choose a box that closely packs the plastic boxes to save up on shipping costs. Alternatively, you can use customized cardboard boxes so that you're not wasting any space. Start by lining the bottom of the shipping box with bubble wrap or crumpled paper for a soft base. Then, place the plastic boxes inside. Fill any gaps around the sides and on top with more bubble wrap, packing peanuts, or crumpled paper to prevent the boxes from shifting during transit. After you're done, seal the box with strong packing tape.

Step 5: Use Any Relevant Labels

Before you ship your brownies, add labels like "Fragile," "Handle with Care," or "This Side Up" to alert handlers to the delicate nature of the contents. Also, if the brownie boxes have specific storage requirements, like keeping them away from heat, you might want to add a label for that too. Make sure the labels are clear and visible on the outside of the box to catch the attention of anyone handling your shipment. You can also include an ingredient list on the side of the box to avoid any customs issues.

What Type of Brownies Should You Ship and What Type Should You Avoid?


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When deciding which brownies to ship, choose types that are denser and moister, as these tend to hold up better during transport. Brownies with nuts, chocolate chips, or other solid mix-ins are all good choices.

Avoid shipping very soft, cake-like brownies or those with delicate toppings like whipped cream or soft frostings, as these can get damaged or messy. If your recipe includes a frosting, opt for a thicker ganache or a hard-setting glaze that won’t smear easily.

Tips and Tricks for Packing Brownies


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Besides the steps mentioned above, here are some creative brownie packaging ideas to consider:

  • Before packaging, chill the brownies to make them firmer and reduce the risk of crumbling. Avoid freezing as it can change the texture.
  • Place a silica gel packet in the shipping box to absorb moisture. This is particularly useful if shipping to or from humid areas.
  • Avoid shipping during extreme temperatures. Consider adding thermal insulation if shipping in hot weather.
  • Before a large shipment, send a test package to a friend or yourself to see how it holds up. You'll be able to fix any weaknesses by doing this.
  • For extra protection, you can use partitioned boxes instead of plastic boxes to prevent any movement.


1) Can I mail brownies internationally?

Yes, you can, but make sure to check local food import regulations of the destination country to avoid any customs issues. Also, choose a faster shipping option to make sure they remain fresh.

2) How long do brownies last during shipping?

Typically, brownies can last up to a week if packaged properly. To extend the life of your brownies, make sure to use airtight packaging and moisture-absorbing materials.

3) Are there any discounts for bulk shipping orders?

Many courier services offer discounts for bulk shipments. Check with your shipping provider to see if you qualify for any bulk shipping rates, which can help reduce costs.


With these simple guidelines, you can package brownies for shipping like a pro. By choosing the right materials, preparing the brownies properly, and selecting the appropriate shipping method, you can ensure your sweet treats arrive in perfect condition every time.

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