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How to Ship Ice Cream By FedEx: A Step-By-Step Guide

Shipping ice cream, or any frozen food product, is a complex process that requires careful planning and execution. A small mishap can lead to a gooey mess that no one desires. Luckily, FedEx offers temperature-controlled shipping solutions that ensure your ice cream remains frozen during transit.

In this guide, we'll walk you through a detailed step-by-step guide on how to ship ice cream via FedEx. Let's get started.

Why Choose FedEx for Ice Cream Shipments

Selecting a courier service for your ice cream shipments is a critical decision. Here are compelling reasons why FedEx stands as a top choice for shipping your frozen treats:

1) Reliable Temperature-Controlled Solutions


fedex truck in front of fedex office
Credit: FedEx

FedEx provides reliable temperature-controlled shipping solutions, which are essential when shipping items that require specific temperature ranges to maintain their quality, like ice cream. This means that whether you're shipping your ice cream locally or internationally, FedEx has the technology and systems to keep your product cold during transit.

2) Extensive Experience With Perishables

FedEx has years of experience in handling perishable shipments. This expertise, combined with their range of temperature-controlled shipping solutions, gives FedEx an edge when it comes to ensuring the safe delivery of sensitive items such as ice cream.

3) Knowledgeable Staff


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Credit: Envato Elements/ DragonImages

FedEx has well-trained staff who understand the complexities of shipping frozen foods. They are always ready to offer guidance and answer any questions you may have about the process. Their knowledge and expertise ensure your ice cream shipments are handled with the utmost care.

4) Superior Tracking System

FedEx's superior tracking system allows you to monitor your shipment's progress and receive updates on the delivery status. This feature provides reassurance and helps manage expectations about when your ice cream will arrive at its destination.

How to Mail Ice Cream By FedEx

Below is a step-by-step process on how to ship ice cream locally as well as internationally by FedEx:

Step 1: Opt for Suitable Packaging


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Ice cream shipments require a specialized approach to packaging. FedEx recommends using EPS (expanded polystyrene) foam coolers, also known as insulated foam shipping boxes, when shipping frozen foods like ice cream.

EPS foam coolers offer superior insulation properties, ensuring that your ice cream products remain cold for an extended period. Choose a cooler size that can hold your ice cream, providing ample room for dry ice packs or gel packs and a thick plastic liner for extra insulation.

Step 2: Use Appropriate Coolants

The secret behind successfully sending ice cream through mail lies in the coolant. To keep the ice cream cold, FedEx recommends using dry ice packs instead of regular ice or gel packs. Dry ice packs maintain a significantly lower temperature, ensuring that your ice cream stays frozen throughout the journey.

Step 3: Pack Your Ice Cream


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Credit: Envato Elements/ DragonImages

Packing ice cream for shipment involves more than placing it in a box. Start by ensuring the ice cream, whether it's standard ice cream or an ice cream cake, is in a secure, leak-proof container. Additional layers of protection, such as plastic wraps or bags, can also be beneficial.

Arrange your ice cream containers in the cooler in a way that minimizes movement during transit. Use bubble wrap or packing peanuts to fill in any remaining space and provide added stability to the ice cream products.

Step 4: Seal the Cooler

After packing your ice cream and adding the dry ice packs, it's time to seal the cooler. Use heavy-duty packaging tape to seal all sides of the cooler securely. This step helps maintain the temperature inside the cooler and prevents accidental opening during shipment.

Step 5: Label Your Package


woman labelling shipping box
Credit: Envato Elements/ AnnaStills

It's crucial to label your package correctly. Place a shipping label on the top of the cooler and write 'PERISHABLE' and 'KEEP FROZEN' in bold letters. Additionally, include a label stating that the package contains coolants.

Step 6: Choose the Right FedEx Shipping Service

FedEx offers several services suitable for shipping perishable items. FedEx Priority Overnight service delivers products the next business day and is ideal for sending ice cream. This service ensures that your ice cream spends minimal time in transit, reducing the risk of thawing.

If you're looking to ship ice cream abroad or planning on shipping ice cream internationally, you must ensure to select a service that provides temperature-controlled international shipping. FedEx International Priority service is a reliable option for such international shipments.

Step 7: Drop Off Your Package


man holding shipping box
Credit: Envato Elements/ Pressmaster

Take your package to a FedEx drop-off location as soon as possible after packing. To further ensure the integrity of your shipment, try to drop it off as close to the final pickup time as possible. This reduces the time your package spends sitting idle before heading to its next destination.


Shipping ice cream may seem challenging, but with proper preparation and FedEx’s reliable services, it doesn't have to be a hassle. Remember to use the correct packaging, coolants, and shipping services, and always drop off your package promptly to maintain the quality of your ice cream.

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