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Two people carrying a blue cooler between them

The Best Ice Packs for Coolers (2022 Guide)


If you want to help your cooler last longer, you'll need some good-quality ice packs. Any cooler functions better and lasts longer with reusable ice packs. This guide will include the top cold packs for coolers of all sizes, as well as flexible options that can bend and fit into any box or bag.


The Best Ice Packs for Coolers


There is nothing better than enjoying a warm day outside with a cooler full of food and beverages. However, if you don't have the right ice packs to keep your cooler cold, your entire evening could be ruined. Below are the top cooler packs to keep your food and drinks cold at all times:


1)  Nice Packs Dry Ice Packs

 A Nice Packs XL dry Ice pack

Credit: Nice Packs


Don't you hate it when your ice packs leak and fill your cooler with water? The Nice Packs Dry replaces dirty, sweaty ice packs with easy-to-use, leakproof ice packs. These ice packs are shipped flat and contain a material that expands when mixed with water. Simply soak the ice sheets in water for a few minutes to expand the packs, then store them in your freezer for the night.

The Nice Packs dry ice packs come in several sizes and can be customized to fit any size cooler. The best feature of these ice packs is not that they are leak-proof but that they last 4–7 times longer than regular ice. These are the only ice packs you need whether you are camping or just carrying home frozen food from the grocery store.


2)  Fit & Fresh XL Cool Coolers Freezer Slim Ice Pack

 Fit & Fresh XL Cool Coolers Freezer Slim Ice Pack

Credit: Fit & Fresh


Finding a compact ice pack that can keep perishables cool can be challenging. These ice packs from Fit & Fresh have a slim profile and are easy to stow even in small spaces. They remain cold for up to 6–8 hours and are made from BPA-free plastic. They are also easy to wash and are more durable when compared to other ice packs.


3)  Kleager Can Beer Ice Pack

 The Kleager Can Beer Ice Pack

Credit: Kleager


The Kleager Can Beer Ice Pack is a one-of-a-kind pack for keeping beer cans and soda cans ice cold. These packs are made of polypropylene which is a robust and elastic material. They have a wavy-edged shape that can accommodate 3 beverage cans.

This container has the appearance of a flat bottle with gel inside. The gel freezes and remains cold for up to 5 hours. These gel packs are the perfect travel companion for outings such as walks and hikes. The plastic is also durable, non-toxic, never wears out, and sweats much less than traditional ice packs.


4)  Yeti Ice Cooler Pack

 The Yeti Ice Pack with blue gel inside

Credit: Yeti


The Yeti Ice Pack is strong enough to withstand the most intense adventures. Due to its unique design, the pack freezes quicker than other packs (in around four hours) and maintains a frigid temperature for longer than 24 hours.

Additionally, these packs are entirely re-freezable and reusable and do not sweat. These packs are available in different sizes and will definitely not disappoint.


5)  Arctic Ice Chillin' Brew Series

 Blue Arctic Ice Chillin' Brew Series that is flat

Credit: Arctic


A flat ice pack typically turns into a bulky lump once frozen which makes it difficult to fit into a cooler. The Arctic Ice pack on the other hand has a molded pattern that keeps it from sagging and keeps it pancake flat. 

Due to its low freezing point, this ice pack will keep food and beverages cold for a considerable amount of time. It also fits into most coolers with ease thanks to its flat shape and has a handy handle that makes removal simple.


6)  Cooler Shock Ice Packs 

 Silver Cooler shock ice packs

Credit: Cooler Shock


These reusable packs from Cooler Shock are ideal for summer days where cool beverages are the only way to beat the heat. They contain a cooling powder that is non-hazardous. To use, just take off the cap, add some water, and watch the powder turn into a gel. Place each bag in the freezer for 12 to 24 hours before any travel.

With a pliable shell that conforms to food and cans, these Cooler Shock packs are high-performing, reusable, and keep items cooler for longer. They come in three sizes and are an excellent alternative to ice or dry ice.


How Many Ice Packs Do You Need in a Cooler?

 A person carrying a blue cooler to his friends sitting on the beach

Credit: Envato Elements/ LightFieldStudios


This depends on what you're trying to keep cold, the sort of cooler you're using, the temperature of the contents, the outside temperature, and how long you need it to stay cold before adding more ice. 

Generally speaking, if you're going to be away for several days it's ideal to fill your cooler with two parts ice packs to one part food and beverage. However, you can get away with a layer of ice packs at the bottom of the cooler and a few bags of ice on top if all you want to do is keep some beverages chilly for a few hours.


Factors to Consider When Choosing Ice Packs for Coolers

 Some drinks sitting on a blue cooler on the beach with the sun rising in the background

Credit: Envato Elements/ LightFieldStudios


When picking an ice pack for coolers, keep in mind the following 5 factors:


1)  Size: A good ice pack should be the ideal size for your cooler—neither too big nor too small.


2)  Long-Lasting: Good ice packs typically last between 5 and 36 hours. When choosing an ice pack for your cooler, make sure that you choose one that is appropriate for the duration of your journey.


3)  Food Safe Material: Make sure that the ice pack that you choose is made of plastic and non-toxic gel to prevent food contamination.


4)  Durability: To avoid wasting money, make sure that you purchase durable cooler ice packs.


5) Weight: Depending on their size and freezing agent, ice packs can have a wide variety of weights. If you intend to carry your cooler on a challenging trip, weight is an important consideration to take into account.




If you maintain a consistent temperature for your food and beverages, you can enjoy a fresh and healthy meal at any time of the day. Make sure to choose an ice pack intelligently based on your demands and keep the above factors in mind when making your purchase.


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